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About Us

Moxie Pest Control was founded by Jason and Kristen Walton in 1999. Since then, the company has expanded into several branches in different locations, including Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, Colorado, Texas, California, Missouri, and Arizona. But we maintain our mom-and-pop roots, and we consider ourselves part of the local community.

We’re not your typical pest control company. Yes, we’re passionate about getting rid of your pests, but more than anything else, we care about the people we serve. Moxie Pest Control loves helping individuals, families, and communities in Arizona live happier, safer lives. That’s why we guarantee our services, and we’re here for you anytime!


Our Products

We are firm believers in providing a service that shows results without compromising the health and safety of your family, employees, customers and clients. Our products and treatment methods fit right in with many methods homeowners already use to keep their homes kid-friendly and clean. All of our technicians are licensed by the state and follow strict safety guidelines when eradicating any pests.



What You Get From Moxie.