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Pest Control

If you’re a property owner, having professional pest control experts should be part of your home maintenance or business maintenance plan. 

At Moxie Pest Control, our technicians have extensive experience that covers property inspections to eradicate and protect your environment from pests.  We know that different pests exist in certain locations and we have the right treatment for your specific property and surrounding area.  Pest control services are more than just inspections, the right experts can carry out the inspections, listen to your concerns and suggest a plan of action.  Moxie is ready to make sure your property remains pest-free by offering an ongoing protection and prevention plan against these menaces.   

There are some scary critters out there that not only bite, they also pose a health-risk to your friends, family and employees.  Around your premises, you may come across the following pests: scorpions, cockroaches, rats or black widow spiders.  Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to encounter these nuisances.  We also understand that some pests are beneficial to nature.  Bees are just one of those creatures we value in nature, but not so much inside a building and around your property!  Did you spot a swarm of bees and are wondering what to do?  Call Moxie Pest Control and we will activate a plan of action for bee removal, working to relocate these bees back to their natural habitat. 

Guaranteed Protection & Prevention

100guarantee-150x150You don’t have to wait until your properly is fully infested by pests before you call us!  Prevention will take you a long way and limit the amount of damage an infestation can cause to your premises.  We’re here to take care of your pest control needs in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

We’re so confident in the pest control experts and treatments we offer that we put an awesome warranty on our offers.  We want you to be confident and have a peace of mind knowing that we’ll return to your property numerous times to make sure that any pests are fully dealt with. 

Our aim is not to simply deal with these nuisance critters and leave your property!  We value educating our clients and working together to monitor your property and surrounding area so you can reap the rewards of a pest-free environment. 

Pest Control Services in Arizona

Our goal at Moxie Pest Control is to be completely transparent with all of our clients.  We enjoy working with each case and letting you know what we’re going to do and the steps we will take in our pest control services.  Leave the worrying up to us and our pest control experts will take care of your needs.  We know that nobody loves a billing supply so we provide a detailed plan with the cost so you’re prepared and ready. 

Put your confidence in the Arizona pest control professionals with the best prevention and ongoing maintenance against a diverse number of pests.  We know that Arizona has various pests, from rats, birds to bees and scorpions.  In order to control and remove them from your property, each one of these creatures need a specific plan of action. 

We value your health, the environment, your pets and the people who enter your premises.  Our pest control services places a priority in using products that don’t pose any harm to the environment, pets or people.  We’re proud of the effective nature of the products we use as well as the health and safety components they have.  You can be sure that we love answering questions about the services, labeling and products we use around your property.  Moxie also offers organic options that embrace green pest control. 

Phoenix Pest Exterminator

Not all pests are exterminated.  Get in touch with your Phoenix pest control professionals to find out which pests need to be removed from your property and moved elsewhere.  You may be tempted to knock down a bee hive yourself or extract a scorpion, but these critters can be dangerous.  Leave it up to the expert pest exterminator to do the job for you.  We’re trained and knowledgeable on the proper safety procedures and containment knowledge to remove and safely re-locate any pests around your property. 

Professionalism Matters

With our team of pest control experts, you can rest assured to know that we’ve dealt with every pest you can think of in Arizona.  Be 100% confident in trusting out technicians to inspect and offer you the solution plan you need in any situation with any pests.  Our professional team is able to deliver services in multiple languages as well as offer you the latest innovative practices in the pest exterminator industry. 

It can be hard to keep chasing pests as the seasons change and the climate adjusts so trust our professional team to take care of your pest extermination as well as the ongoing maintenance required to remove and eradicate future pests.  Our friendly staff is ready to help you remove and prevent any pests.  Don’t wait.  Contact us today.