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Ant Control

Ants love to create power in numbers and can cause a lot of damage to your property, garden and health. Our experience helps us identify and take the right steps to remove them. 

Have Ants Taken Over Your Phoenix-area home?

Ants in the kitchen are not only unsightly and embarrassing, but they’re also able to spread disease and cause real damage to your property. Because ants breed rapidly in large colonies, pest control is the best way to keep them from harming your loved ones. Although most ants are just considered a common nuisance, some species can bite or sting. Others try their hardest to contaminate food in your home.

Ants are notorious breeders who enjoy rapid breeding and prefer to live in large colonies.  Due to their ability to reproduce rapidly, you will need experts who can carry our regular maintenance to ensure the proper treatment at your premises. 

Not many people would think that ants can spread diseases and infections.  We tend to associate disease with insects like flies!  These critters love hiding away on lawns and areas where they can’t be seen.  Ants can step into feces and garbage and create an atmosphere and opportunity for disease.  There’s also something to be said about power in numbers – ants can kill smaller animals and eat their way through your building’s insulation and fabric when in a large group.  Ant removal is a must for anyone who wants to keep their commercial property or residence infestation free.   

Moxie Controls Ants in Phoenix, Arizona

Our professional experts use a variety of treatment options to remove ants where they’re not wanted. By identifying which species of ant is invading your space, we’re able to efficiently remove any infestation.

To get rid of ants in in your house in Arizona, call Moxie Pest Control today for a free quote.

Management & Ant Prevention

Our services will help you get rid of any habits that may be encouraging ants to take up residence around your property.  The knowledge and experience of our experts in Arizona will show you how to eliminate moisture near your home, any crack, holes and standing water that encourages these creatures. 


Types of Ants in Phoenix Valley, Arizona

In Arizona alone, you will find a variety of ants that you never even thought existed.  That’s why you need an ant  exterminator to remove these insects properly while applying the effective treatment necessary for health and safety of your family and friends. 

Ants love warm weather and come out during the day.  Among these insects carpenter ants are the most seen in Phoenix Valley.

  • Black ants – flying ants are a part of this group. Black ants love to dine on leftovers left behind by other ants. 
  • Fire ants –These ants sting and are known as red ants.  They get their “fire” name from the burning sensation they deliver after a painful sting.  Fire ants can cause an allergic reaction to some people. 
  • Carpenter ants- These ants love the woods and their name reflects just that.  Without regular ant control your wood supplies will be used up by these ants in a short period of time. Their preferred meals are plant juices and other insects.
  • Pharaoh ants have a diet similar to humans. They prefer any food that includes sugar – think honey and corn syrup. They can eat their way through almost anything. This includes fabric and rubber.
  • Harvester ants eat vegetation. They will sting where necessary. They live within enormous colonies of ants and their removal is usually only successful after consistent treatments.