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Bee Removal

Finding a nest or swarm of bees near your home can be scary, especially if you or a loved one is particularly vulnerable to their sting.

What to Do if Bees Invade Your Arizona Home

Moxie Pest Control services the Phoenix area with bee removal and rescue services, and we use our expertise to responsibly and safely control bees that find their way near your home.

Our team of professionals will assess the problem, determine its source, and identify the species. Honey bees are beneficial to our environment and typically non-aggressive, so in the case of a honey bee hive Moxie will set up a relocation effort.

Wasps, Hornets, and Other Flying Menaces

While honeybees are beneficial and benign, other lookalikes like wasps and hornets tend to be more aggressive and apt to sting. Moxie is trained to deal with them, and we take a less peaceful approach to their incursions onto your property.

A hive of stinging insects can be a real hassle and genuine threat. We’ll remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your home, and our protection plan will ensure they don’t come back. Call today to get our help!

Prevention & Protection

Bees are likely to find hidden locations around your property when they create their nest – their makeshift housing includes: old tires, furniture, trees and more.  Our services include removal of all the nesting locations around your property. 

Bees can also build their hives around walls, chimneys and plumbing so we’ll look into sealing these locations too.  In addition, our team will assess and see it your property requires fine screens and openings around your gutters and piping systems – this is another favorite nest area for bees. 

With our through, regular, physical check around your property, you can be sure we’ll see the potential things that create a perfect environment for bees to come into your yard or property.  Our experts have the knowledge and clues to reveal to you how bees are leaving and coming back into your yard. 

Moxie Ensures Safe Bee and Hive Removal

We urge you not to disturb a hive of bees when you spot them.  Call the experts and we’ll act with appropriate methods that will allow us to get rid of bees and ensure their preservation. 

Bees love to travel from one location to the next in a large group.  This is called a “swarm” of bees.  Meanwhile, they are also capable of finding a permanent home to create their honeycomb, this is their hive. 

Humans are not the only ones susceptible to the sting a bee can deliver!  When hive of bees are around animals, they can sting and harm them.  Our experts are careful when re removing and working around bees.  We will ask you to stay away from the area and take your pest with you while we’re working. 

We don’t like to destroy bees, but on the rare occasion, after we’ve considered all our alternatives, their extermination is necessary.  We usually resort to extermination once bees collect around your property making their removal impossible or dangerous.  

When a swarm of bees travel, their removal may not be necessary as they can often fly off on their own.  Meanwhile, if they decide to build a hive, they’re indicating setting up a permanent residence around your home and therefore, removal is necessary. 

Bee Rescue and Honeycomb Removal

When our experts examine your property, we will ensure that no bees are disturbed by carefully examining multiple tools around your storage shed and any equipment you use around the house.  Our goal is to educate your family members, staff members and yourself on ways you can live in harmony with bees, but not on your property.