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Rodent Control

When you find rats around your property, whether it’s your home or business, you can put your trust in Moxie experts all your pest control needs. 

Moxie Pest Control can handle any pest problem, and that includes Arizona homes and businesses that have been taken over by mice and rats. Rodents pose not only a significant health risk, but a high potential for property damage as well. In addition to carrying disease and creating pulmonary issues, mice and rats are capable of chewing through pipes, wiring, insulation—even walls.

How Moxie Gets Rid of Rodents in Arizona

Our protection plan is designed to save you and your property from the dangers of a rodent infestation. Our pest control professionals seek out the mice and rats in their hiding places and use the latest control methods to keep them away. Each home and business we treat is different, so we’ll be sure to create a plan to remove mice and rats that suits your every need. Call today to get Moxie’s protection!

Mice and Rat Exterminators, Control & Protection

Your property needs a defensive barrier against these pests and this is where experts are needed. With their nocturnal habits, rats will often roam around at night in order to avoid human encounters – you may hear them scratching around and moving around but they know how to avoid contact with predators.

While hiding away from you, rats can be making damages to your floors, dry wall, wiring and more. They love chewing all kinds of electric cables and this can pause a fire risk to your property.

Rodents can be smart when it comes to not only staying close to food sources, but also having the ability to take this food to their young. They will also find clothing items, paper and other materials around your property and will use it to create a rat’s nest.

For ultimate rat protection, you will gain our expert knowledge when it comes to protecting your sewers, any broken pipes and sealing off access points that rats love!

Protection & Prevention

When you suspect there is even one rat on site, you should call an exterminator immediately. The faster you act, the quicker you can eliminate a potential infestation that is waiting to happen. Moxie team knows how to eliminate a rat nest so that we can effectively dispose any type of rat you may have at hand.

Your garden is the one place rats love to access. We have tactics and methods that focus on the site of entry so that we can prevent stage two – this is the stage where rats move from the outside of your home into your building.

Don’t worry about chasing these pests yourself. Furthermore, resist the urge to bring in a bundle of cats as a treatment plan. We’re here to make sure we catch all the rats trying to infest your premises as well as put blocks in place that discourage future re-entry.

Mice Removal & Treatment  

Mice removal and mice control methods take a similar approach that is useful when eliminating rats. Making your property unattractive to mice is essential – When you eliminate food sources and seal entry areas, this helps reduce the access mice will have when seeking shelter and food.

Mice are cunning pests that prefer not to be seen, but you can at times hear them running around or see their bite marks around boxes or wires. You can be sure their nesting area is somewhere nearby.

Your family’s health is of utmost importance so be sure to act quick to eliminate these pests – their feces, saliva and urine carries bacteria and other diseases that can be detrimental to the health of your family.

The Most Common Rodents in Phoenix

Think of mice and rats as freeloading guests who gain the benefit of living rent free while getting all their food, and other supplies, to enhance their lifestyle. There are a variety of species when it comes to rodent – your Phoenix expert will be able to identify all of them and employ a plan of action that is compatible to their habits. By understanding the lifestyle and habitat of various rodents, we’re able to provide you with a solution that works to eliminate various rodents from your Phoenix property.

Roof rats

Roof tats love a more tropical climate. You will find these rats living near irrigation canals, citrus trees and mature forestry. You can identify them through their long tails (often longer than their heads) and their long, black fur.

Talking about making the best of any situation, roof rats can easily do that around your home and facilities. They can live indoors, or outdoors, and are able to climb trees, vines and wires to retrieve food and find shelter.

They can create a nest using various wiring and fabric and can easily contaminate your food by putting their droppings inside or stepping inside your food.

Because roof rats, like most rodents, are masters at playing hide and seek, you may hear these creatures first before you see them.

Norway rats

Being both nocturnal creatures and good jumpers, the Norway rat knows how to move at night and run away from predators. If you want to identify this rat, it is characterized by a brownish grey color along with a shorter tail. It’s not a small creature! This rat can grow up to 10 inches long with 8 inches being minimum.

House mice

With a grey coloring and smaller head and feet, the house mouse is the ultimate uninvited houseguest that loves free food and shelter.

You will find their droppings around your house and they love moving around at night when least likely to be found. This mouse will often eat very little and is very nocturnal and comfortable hiding away in warm, insulated, areas. Their feet are dangerous and touching their feces can lead to contamination and diseases like salmonella. Take care of your family, especially small children, from coming nearby these pests.

Rodent Control involves 3 steps:

  1. Eradication – The use of baits, traps, glue boards, tracking powders and other control procedures.
  2. Exclusion – Once a structure has been infested with rodents it will continue to be infested unless they are prevented from getting into the structure. Rodents leave odors that other rodents can smell and become attractive to new infestations.
  3. Sanitation – Once the structure has been cleared of rodents and sealed it is necessary to control food sources and unsanitary conditions as they are again attractive to new infestations.