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Spider Control

To avoid the screams and mass panic, when the smallest of spiders are found inside residential and commercial properties, it is better to have a regular spider control service.

Moxie’s Spider Control is the Best in Arizona

While most spider species are harmless to humans, many can’t help but fear even the smallest of eight-legged invaders. Moxie is committed to helping you get protection from pests to put your mind at ease, and spiders are no exception. Our specialized approach to spider control in the Phoenix area takes into account our climate and local species, so that we can build a protection plan that’s right for you.

Spiders in Phoenix Can Be Dangerous—So Let Moxie Protect You!

When our pest control professionals assess a spider infestation, they identify the type of spider that’s causing you trouble. Most likely, it’s just a nuisance, but sometimes we come upon more dangerous types that can pose health risks with their venomous bite. We’ll let you know what kind of spiders we find, along with any risks associated with the species.

Once our assessment is complete, we use web-removal techniques both in and outside of the property, destroying any spiders we find. Our specialists seek them out in hiding places, and use persistent methods of control to remove them from your home or place of business.

Moxie’s Spider Removal Guarantee

Spiders are tenacious, and we take that into account. If at any time during your service plan, if you spot a spider–give us a call. We’ll schedule a re-service of your home at no additional charge. The best way to get rid of spiders is under the vigilant protection of Moxie Pest Control, so call today and get a free consultation.

Customers love Moxie – Here is what they say

This company is great, they show up on time and are always careful around my vegetable garden and fruit trees. LOVE!
Brian on Kudzu

Protection & Prevention

The treatment of spiders in Arizona will differ slightly from other states because you may encounter the famous black widow spider or brown recluse spider, which you should avoid wherever possible.

The first element of controlling spiders in Phoenix is to reduce and eradicate a spider’s food supply. Once you eliminate other insects from your property, the spiders will look elsewhere for their food. You will be advised on how to keep areas of your home clean – particularly those areas you visit rarely, such as crawl spaces and attics.

With regularly scheduled pest control services, an exterior barrier will be created around your property, taking into consideration any landscaping and water areas around your home.

An individual solution will ensure that other insects stay away from your property, which will reduce the opportunity for spiders to search your home for food.

Know the Spiders in Phoenix Metro Area      

 Once you know what they look like, you’ll know to keep away from them before calling Moxie Pest Control of Arizona to eradicate these unfriendly spiders.

Black widows have an hourglass red shape on their abdomen and you will find them near firewood, eaves and boxes. Being found in such places allows them to be accidentally be transported into your home or business. They prefer to stay close to the ground and make their web around wood and box areas, to hide from danger. They will only bite a human in defense, but the bite can be severe and painful.

The brown recluse spiders stay close to the ground in undisturbed areas. These areas are preferably dark so they can nest and trap prey. They are usually less than half an inch in length. You may recognize them from their long thin legs and fine hairs; they are from tan to dark brown in color and often live with a number of friends. They are rarely alone. A bite from the brown recluse, often from a spider hiding in clothing, may not be seen or felt until the pain sets in a few hours later.