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Our pest control services at Moxie are designed to permanently get rid of any pests you may have at your home or business.  We’re determined not only to eradicate the pests that are currently present, we follow through with a plan that seeks to destroy adult pests and prevent them from reproducing future pests.   The infestations that eventually happen inside a building usually start on the outside and our experts know this.  While we work outside to detect the infestation site, you can proceed with your daily work and errands.  No need to schedule time off or disrupt your day. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pests are very persistent and that’s why they live up to their name.  They don’t give up easily.  They fight to come back to warmth and food sources.  We understand that a pest may come back after we service your property and that’s why we guarantee the services we offer at no charge.  All you have to do is call us and we’ll be there to protect your valued investment.  We’re confident in our services and want you to feel the same way. 

Our Products

We are firm believers in providing a service that shows results without compromising the health and safety of your family, employees, customers and clients. Our products and treatment methods fit right in with many methods homeowners already use to keep their homes kid-friendly and clean. All of our technicians are licensed by the state and follow strict safety guidelines when eradicating any pests.

Experience Results With Moxie


When it comes to pest control, you want to be confident that your property will be well taken care of.  Moxie Pest Control is a team of professionals that are trained and highly experienced with a variety of pests.  Put your trusts in the Arizona pest experts who know how to properly perform a full inspection and administer an effective pest treatment to remove these nuisances from your home or business. 

Inspection & Prevention      

If you want to get rid of irritating critters, you don’t want to have someone who will leave loop holes open for them to continue breeding or come back.  This is why our experts value a dynamic and detailed home pest inspection. 

What you need are skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are highly experienced in completing property inspections that detect a variety of pests.  Armed with knowledge, our technicians can then recommend a treatment that is unique to your needs. 

Our focus is not on doing speedy inspections but rather, well planned and effective pest inspection reports that cover your entire property, location and environment. 

Treatment & Removal Of Pests

The moment you spot a pest, you should call Moxie Pest Control.  That one sighting is usually a sign that indicates there’s a lot more where that came from.  Protect your family, friends, employees, business and visitors by calling us to organize a treatment plan that works for your situation.  We may even uncover a few more pests that you didn’t know were there!

Our pest removal strategy is structured to also place certain creatures back to their natural habitat.  We will be able to extract bees and scorpions back to their natural environment where they serve a purpose in sustaining nature. 

Management & Protection   

Pests are not only annoying, they can be harmful to the health of the guests at your restaurant, your visitors at the office, your family and yourself.  Once our professional pest treatment experts inspect your property, we will not only be able to remove these menaces, we will also offer you the option of an ongoing home protection management plan.  We highly recommend this protection plan to prevent these pests from coming back into your property or surrounding area.  Remember that pests are persistent in nature, but our services render them unwelcome.  Once you know that our maintenance program can prevent future infestations, you’ll have that added piece of mind. 

Bee Removal

A hive of stinging insects can be a real hassle and genuine threat. We’ll remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your home, and our protection plan will ensure they don’t come back.



At Moxie, we take cockroach control seriously, and our team is highly trained on the best ways to get rid of them for good.


Ant Control

Because ants breed rapidly in large colonies, pest control in Phoenix is the best way to keep them from harming your loved ones.


Rodent Control

Moxie Pest Control can handle any pest problem, and that includes Arizona homes and businesses that have been taken over by mice and rats. Need an exterminator in Phoenix? Give us a call!


Scorpion Control

Moxie takes a different approach by seeking out scorpions in their hiding spaces and using specialized scorpion pest control methods intended specifically for Phoenix valley.


Spider Control

Spiders are tenacious, and we take that into account. If at any time during your service plan, if you spot a spider--give us a call. We’ll schedule a re-service of your home at no additional charge.