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Service Area

We are pleased to offer our services for all of your pest control solutions, across all of the major suburbs of Phoenix.

In particular, we are pleased to offer all of our services across Glendale to the west of the city. In the north-east we offer Scottsdale residents our reliable service and complete warranties after our work is completed. To the east and south of central city, we have teams waiting to work for you within Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler.

You only need contact us by telephone or through our website and we will quickly organize our team to discuss your individual needs and arrange an exact time to meet with you at your location. This enables us to mobilize teams in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Tempe for full inspection and treatment of your home, both inside and out.

serveareaphoenixvalleyPhoenix – Our central city team is equally proficient with commercial properties as we are with residential locations.

Mesa – Just 20 miles east of Phoenix, our Maricopa County team will be pleased to organize an initial service followed by a return one month later to prevent any new hatchlings from reproducing.

Tempe – Located between Central City and Mesa, our guaranteed service can protect any property from a small home to a complex range of structures, such as the University.

Scottsdale – The desert version of Miami’s South Beach, complete with partying and a busy hotel scene, is easily managed by our local experts and professional pest control team.

Gilbert – Originally the hay capital of the world, Gilbert has rapidly transformed the suburban center into one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States. This keeps our team of busy experts available to discuss property line protection and foundation protection.

Chandler – A high number of busy high-tech businesses are located within Chandler and our professional team is available to discuss any commercial pest control arrangements as well as protecting the ever increasing numbers of residential properties.

Our Products

We are firm believers in providing a service that shows results without compromising the health and safety of your family, employees, customers and clients. Our products and treatment methods fit right in with many methods homeowners already use to keep their homes kid-friendly and clean. All of our technicians are licensed by the state and follow strict safety guidelines when eradicating any pests.

Within all of these busy areas of Phoenix, we provide a highly professional and customized solution to any problems you may have with scorpions, rodents, insects or other pests and bugs. Initially, we will visit your commercial or residential property to complete an extremely comprehensive inspection which will help us decide which services may be of best use for you and that we are able to implement immediately to resolve your problems.

Our team operates in exactly the same manner for anyone located in any area of the Phoenix Valley, by providing an ongoing protection with routine maintenance and upgrades to protect your property and land. Our communication with you matches your specific requirements as our desire is to serve you across these communities in the most professional manner available.