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Moxie Pest Control Serving Mesa AZ

Our pest control services are readily available for the 450,000 residents and businesses of Mesa. We provide the services required by local residents by maintaining the knowledge and education about all of the pests that live and cause havoc in the local area.

Customers love Moxie – Here is what they say

I am very happy w my moxie pest control; this round I had Jesse M. Very polite, and professional. I am a satisfied customer, as I am scared of anything with more than 4 and less than 2 legs!!! We have a lot of houses going up in our area out in E Mesa, every day all day long. Building will continue around here for yrs to come! Knock on wood, I have not seen scary creatures to date, believe me, I will call for help on them immediately if that happens! I know they will come right out that very day!! Thanks to moxie and the guys that spray monthly 4 me, I feel safe!
Gail A. on CitySearch

Protect Your Mesa Home with Moxie’s Help

100guarantee-150x150We take exceptional pride in visiting your property for the first time and carefully listening to any problems that you may have incurred so that we may provide all of the solutions immediately and to your satisfaction in safe circumstances.

After surveying your location, we will draw up a detailed list of our recommendations for all your pest management needs with a clear pricing structure that includes our full warranty to return and carry out any work again that does not meets your initial satisfaction.

Mesa, Arizona Certified Exterminators

Since 1999 Moxie Pest Control has been providing Mesa AZ area homeowners with industry-leading pest control, protection and exterminating services. We believe in our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and serve our customers providing professional service. With our wide array of management and control services and safe products, it is easy for Mesa homeowners to call us every time for their pest control needs. We provide prompt service and our technicians are trained and certified.

Mesa Pest Control Services

Effective Pest Control in Mesa

At Moxie Arizona, being efficient in various types of pest control is the primary task. We champion high standards of our services along with cost effective approach. These are the reasons Moxie is the pest control company of your choice in Mesa, AZ for over 10 years. We value your time reading about our pest control services in Mesa and surrounding areas. Contact us to effectively get rid of pests from your home or office.

Moxie Pest Control Committed to the Well Being of Mesa residents

With so many days of sunshine Mesa is a loved by both its residents and visitors alike. Homes and businesses are vulnerable to pest infestation unless protected and maintained wit the right pest management program by  certified Mesa exterminators. With the pest control Mesa residents can sleep comfortable knowing that they are protected from unwanted little invaders.

Get Rid of Pests in Mesa, AZ

Bee Removal

A hive of stinging insects can be a real hassle and genuine threat. We’ll remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your home, and our protection plan will ensure they don’t come back.



At Moxie, we take cockroach control seriously, and our team is highly trained on the best ways to get rid of them for good.


Ant Control

Because ants breed rapidly in large colonies, pest control in Phoenix is the best way to keep them from harming your loved ones.


Rodent Control

Moxie Pest Control can handle any pest problem, and that includes Arizona homes and businesses that have been taken over by mice and rats. Need an exterminator in Phoenix? Give us a call!


Scorpion Control

Moxie takes a different approach by seeking out scorpions in their hiding spaces and using specialized scorpion pest control methods intended specifically for Phoenix valley.


Spider Control

Spiders are tenacious, and we take that into account. If at any time during your service plan, if you spot a spider--give us a call. We’ll schedule a re-service of your home at no additional charge.